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We are a proprietor simply the  of The  Best bib and Tucker.  A Resale boutique that specializes in  Country, Western, Ranchwear and Classic Vintage apparel.  We promote reuse, recycling and resale.  We only sell items of great quality or new condition. If it doesn't fall under those two categories , there has got to be something pretty darn special about it! 


Don't let that scare you off.  For starters.....We are darn particular.  We want to exude excellence.  If its not perfect, we are gonna let you know.    We represent a population of Americas finest.  The farmer, the rancher, the men behind the badge, behind the battle lines , behind the tractor.  We aren't gonna let them down.      And if you don't love it.  Let us consign it for you.   

Its a win-win!

We are proud to be Americans.  God Bless the USA



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