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The Round up details

We source our inventory from many avenues.  However, our best pieces come from our great customers  closets.  Look at yer herd, see what needs to go.  you know the ones we are talkin about.  Those pieces that are TOO BIG or too small. Those that you havent worn much or those that you've worn a time or two too many!  


Step 1:   Gather up all gently worn or new items you would like to consign.

  Please keep maximum of 10 items per visit.

Step 2:   Ensure items are clean and free of pet hair, smoke, deodorant and damage.

Step 3:     Contact us for a consignment appointment.  You can give us a call at 509-850-0008 or use the appointment link on this site


Step 4: Bring items in on hangers or folded in bins.

Step 5:   establish account at your  appointment and put your prize winners on our market list.

Step 6:  Drop offs available for established accounts. 

Step 7:  Watch for your "Stock" to shoot out the gates at our western clothing store


Step 8:  Collect your market proceeds after the sale.  50% earnings can be used for instore credit or 40% cash proceeds the month following the sale.

Image by Danielle Peterson
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